Thursday, October 18, 2007

Getting there

I don't know if its a regular thing for people to get a lot of abuse at the tables online. Well i've been getting an excessive amount recently. The only thing I can guess is my aggressive play makes people very uncomfortable. I get huge abuse when i reship double suited run downs against aces and win. People hate losing with aces. I get called donk 'once' a day. Loads of other names aswell. Whats up with that?? Then this guy here calls me a mutt for reshipping with a straight and flush draw against him. I had been folding to his pot raises all day. Like he wouldn't do the same with that hand!? Anyway fuck it, im having a good time right now with PLO on stars.

Current Balance: $763


Short-Stacked Shamus said...

I see this a lot at the PLO tables. I think that since PLO does involve a lot of drawing out, certain folks get uptight more easily, esp. if they aren't fully aware that flopping the nuts doesn't necessarily guarantee one is a favorite should the hand proceed to the river.

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Kent Bryan said...

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