Saturday, October 20, 2007

$60 shot on $0.50/$1

I sat down tonight with $60 after coming home from town and put it on $0.50/$1 in a shit or bust effort. I also took a $30 buyin on $0.25/$0.50 to keep me from being bored. I made 3 huge hand in a row after waiting for about 20-30mins. They were 2 huge pots and then a nice small pot afterward that probably did not merit getting as big as it did, but my guess is the villain was floating in order to steal it from me. The 2 big pots came from a villain who was most likely tilting or else had no idea what he was at.

$98 pot: flopped 2nd nuts and a redraw to a flush

$195 pot: flopped top set and the guy chases his draw after the board pairs on the turn!!

$45 pot: check the turn to give the floater a chance to steal.

Then an hour later:

$75 pot: Nuts vs 2nd nuts to finish the session off.

I probably could have got a 3/4 pot to a pot bet off the 2nd nuts. Maybe the 1/2 pot bet would have been better if the flush hit. Hard to tell, im not sure about this one.

Current Balance: $1046


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MaxSquat said...

Dude...I'm MaxSquat at PokerStars...whenever you play...look me up in the .10/.25 PLO8.... I would like to watch you play if ya dont mind.... I question some of the hands you play especially calling preflop raises with them...

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sag said...

not to sound like a jackass, but what did you write about br management when you started this blog? did you throw your plans over board? I thought you started this blog to perfect your play because you lost a bunch of cash on your last try.

I feel like I should give you some tough love here... I need some myself every now and then. good luck at the tables.

dD said...

good to see your return.

really must stop pissing about with nlhe and get back to plo8 :)



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Merry Christmas mate
good luck for 2008

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Sounds like your last session went pretty well.

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Looks like you've been doing really well as of late as you're over a $1,000.

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