Friday, August 3, 2007

Some Casino Time

Dismal tournament post =(
    I played the €200 freezeout last night in the Macau casino. It was a wicked game but I don't think i've played soo bad in a long time. It was the most passive i've played in ages. Nothing to do with the buy in or anything, it just seemed to be the mood i was in. Early on i got up to about 11k from 8k with KK vs JJ. Following this, I was playing uber tight, and it seemed to be on the side of tight passive =(. I don't really know why as my table was relatively soft and i really could have took advantage of it.
    I kept telling myself i'd open once the antes kicked in. Two sickening folds i made cost me momentum and playing chips. With a tight~ish limper utg and EP (100/200 level) I make it 900 with TT from MP. The sb calls and the limper utg ships for 2700 more. I gave him credit for a descent hand and dumped. The sb then called and lost with AQo vs his 77. Later with about 8000 in the 150/300 level, i made a raise with AQs from MP with a limper in front to 1000. I get a loose caller in the blinds and the limper asks how much I'm playing, and then flat calls. Flop comes down AQT all spades. Its checked to me and i reluctantly made a 2000 bet. The player in the blinds makes an obviously loose call and the limper ships all in. In this spot i really don't think he's bluffing with the caller in the blinds. Also i've seen him to be aggressive when he hits flops. I can't get KJ out of my mind here, and maybe he has KQ with the Ks. With 5000 left behind, i cringed and folded. The player in the blinds also folded. Later he said he had AT.
    So I'm still playing uber tight, and i've no chips but i manage to get back up to about 7000. There was about 40 runners and we are down to the final two tables in the 300/600 level. Theres a limper utg in my bb, sb completes and we see a flop of J-rag-rag all spades. Its checked to the turn which is another low spade, and then i bluff the river and get called by a 9 high flush. I hate bluffing the river. Really bad play by me. After that I'm down to 4000 and end up shipping with KTo in the cut-off and get called by QJo in the sb (!!wtf!!) and AJ in the bb. I flop top pair but AJ makes a straight on the river.

Revitalizing cash game post =)
    Afterwards, I'm feeling really unsatisfied by the tournament and sat down with €120 at a round of each cash game. It was €1/€2 hold'em and then €1/€1 Omaha. The second hand i play, I've got (A7)99 in hearts. Everyone limps. I can't believe how loose these games are. Fucking goldmines!!! The button makes it €10, i call, everyone calls!! Flop comes down KJX all hearts. Checked to the button who pushes all in, I'm all in, he is drawing dead with QhThXxXx and i double up straight away.
Note to self: Poker is easy. Flop the nuts, check it, player goes all in. Call. Easy Money.
    Then in hold'em i limp with AJ utg, theres a small raise (doesn't really matter) everyone calls. I call. Flop top 2 pair(AJ5 all spades). Check it, a guy bets, ridiculously loose (slash semi-retarded) button calls, i call. I've got the bettor on a draw and the button on an Alice in Wonderland fantasy. Turn is a 6 (AsJs5s6x) I check again he bets, button calls. If I'm playing my usual game i ship here, but I'm playing uber passive so i call. River is a J for my house. (Nice one for making it easy poker gods) I check but no-one bites. Cost myself a little money here as the button had 56, two pair on the turn and a 6 high flush draw. Pot was about €80/€90.
    Eventually the games breaks up and I've about €300. We stared playing €1/€1/€5 omaha exclusively and then a couple of rounds of €1/€1/€5/€10. Pretty savage game. I really enjoyed it, even though i didn't play too good. I was in such an uber passive mood and I don't think i bluffed once. Which isn't a bad thing when the game is so loose, but I definitely could have made more. There was never any doubt as to where anyone was in a hand and something that should be milked for all its worth. In the end i left with €360 after a peak of about €450.

    I lasted all of 20minutes in the $100k monthly freeroll i mentioned in my last post. One of the lads ran me up saying they were heading out and i proceeded to bluff my whole stack off on the phone to him, lol. Guess i just wanted to got out.
    Haven't played much online. Bankroll is still about the same. I've been letting my brother play for me on my pokerstars account and its floating about $1000. I played 30mins on Omaha during the week and lost this hand. Again notice the passive check-call on the turn!! Ffs, what am i doing!?!

Current Balance: ~$1600


Anonymous said...

youre a fag... youre game sux. youre the biggest donkey ive ever seen in my life. you dont deserve to call yourself a poker player

20kmission said...

anonymous is it?? ... ok., well you know what they say about big donkeys ...

Not to worry. God Bless your heart Tom Murphy. Too bad your balls are made of straw.

doubleuwhy said...

hi there,

you had commented on my blog way back in Feb 07.

I was in Hong Kong last year, but for the next 3-6 months or so I'll be in North America.

I'm just wondering what cash games are being spread in Macau? I never played poker there and would like to know the live games that I'd be able to play when I finally head back to Asia.


20kmission said...

Im living in the south of Ireland, so the Macau casino i am talking about is in my hometown here in Cork. I'm not familiar with the macau area in china. Can't help you there mate, sorry.
gl. said...

At tournaments I'm a winner (RubbishPlayer on Fulltilt) and SNGs a loser. I think what makes me a winner is my willingness to gamble in tournaments and try to capitalise on whatever fold equity there is out there. These players were getting plenty of fold equity out of you here. Having said that, if I'm in the wrong frame of mind I find myself playing just like you do here, making laydowns when I should probably be gambling and often the result of this is I don't have enough chips to make plays or make speculative calls and massively diminish my chances of a decent cash.

Anonymous said...

I love gambling in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Macau.