Sunday, August 12, 2007

Loving PLO on Full Tilt.

Pokerstars has taken a back burner for the last while and i've been playing PLO ($0.50/$1) 6 handed on full tilt almost exclusively. I can really see my game sharpening up a huge deal. I always buy in for $50 on the tables and run it up until thte table is dry, or if i'm getting creamed i've been able to leave (sometimes!).
The main improvement i've had is playing each street rather than check-raise, ship-ship-ship. It really helps a load in certain spots. I love catching people who like to value bet their non nut hands on the river with check raises and what not. The most difficult but rewarding part has been finding the right spots to bluff and what flops to continuation bet.

I'll keep playing PLO on full tilt until i can run the balance there up to about $2500 before i think about taking any shots at $1/$2. Really liking $0.50/$1 at the moment. No doubt the most profitable game i've played yet.

I bluff tooo much.

Can't help it.

It could be an addiction.

I just saw this sick hand while railing Humberto Brenes on the Sunday millions tonight. Earlier he was outdrawn for a $100k pot with TT vs 99 on a 578 board and had rebuilt. Then this happened!! He's on $300,000 now. gl.

Balance on full tilt is now $1200 and pokerstars remains at $1000.

Current Balance: $2200


GroovyJazz said...

It's nice when bluffs work don't it :) Good luck with ur 20k mission dude I've been following it with interest and starting a $500 challenge and hopefully i can reach 20k a bit easier since I'm not starting from $50. Please add me to ur page cheers.

Dremeber said...

Long time since I stopped by, but it is good to see that you already have a very decent BR.

Keep up the good work.

20kmission said...

cheers dremember, im up and down like a yo-yo of late.
Nice one 4d comment BD, i've linked ya up.