Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Stuck in Neutral

One thing about poker is its tolerable to break even but at the same time incredibly boring. I've been mixing it up between Hold'em and Omaha cash (25c/50c). I don't know how many times i've sat down at a Hold'em cash table and within 5-10mins I have doubled or tripled my buyin. I'm not the type to hit and run so usually ill end up playing for 10/20mins more. By that time (while still playing loose aggro!) I've unloaded it all and am usually lucky if i have my initial $30 stake left. My fault, certainly for not adjusting strategy.
I assume a lot of players find it hard to judge the optimum time to leave a table, whether you are winning or losing. Harder than that is having the discipline to leave, when you know you should. My guess is, that the decision whether to reload (when felted) or stay (when stacked), is solely dependant on who at the table has a lot of chips. If the player is very live, reload/stay, if the player is competent/good, it is perhaps worthwhile looking for another table.

I've been in and out of quite a number of holes paying Omaha. Its some hell of a rollercoaster ride. I can see my game improving all the time. The constant jamming approach to playing the game has pretty much filtered itself out of my game and i've begun playing more small ball. I've become more adept at picking off and inducing bluffs.

Usually when we play home games we would head to someones gaff and everyone would put up €10 or €20 and we play a sit and go which pays 1st 2nd 3rd .. etc. This week we played a cash game (25c/50c) after the usual tourney, which is very unusual for us. After dropping a buyin early on with JJ vs AJ all in pre (€80 pot) i came out of the game €150 better off! There was one sick bluff i made that i'm very proud of. I'm playing about ~€200 and colin is utg with something similar. He raises to €2, its folded to me in the sb and i call with KJo, Darren in the bb calls. The flop comes T97, rainbow. I lead out for €4 which was called by the bb(Darren) and the initial raiser(colin). At this point I'm done bar a K or Q on the turn. The turn comes a T. I checked and bb(darren) bet €8 which colin flat called. I was reasonably confident neither had a T and bumped it up to €20. Darren dumped it immediately. Colin (initial raiser) thinks for ages and eventually folds QQ face up. I was surprised he was that strong, but i think it was a good fold given the situation. He can't put me on much else apart from a ten or a bluff in that spot.

Current Balance: $2005


Kirby the German Roofer said...

Hi, im amatays cousin, any chance we could do a link swap.


Amatay said...

check my blog m8 lol. This coount at no relative lololol

portdeco20 said...

nice play, small ball poker is a good way of playing, very profitable but can get boring.

snoopy1239 said...

Good luck with your mission, be careful not to get frustrated and force it - that's when it'll go balls up, which is the danger of having targets.

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