Monday, July 23, 2007

I did it again!

Last weekend (13th-15th) i ran though a total of $1000 of my bankroll. I was playing my usual (25c/50c) PLO cash on Sunday 15th and my roll was on a comfortable $1800. I had lost about $200 from playing on friday. I dropped another $200, which was pretty sickening. Basically i was consistently losing races. I really don't think my play was lacking. Originally, I had $500 in my LepRecon777 account and $1500 in another one on stars. The $500 became ~$120, and i stuck it on $3/$6 and short stacked it. After missing every flop i limped into i shipped it with this hand preflop and got felted.
Feeling a little tilted afterwards i think and i took $1000 from the other account and transfered it over to my LepRecon777 account. I was left with $500 in my other account, called 'UstackMe', (i won't be using it again), with which I started playing $1/$2 and $2/$4 PLO. I could not win a race. It was that simple. I was playing the short stack approach to PLO at $1/$2 and $2/$4. An example of some spots that i stuck my money in are: hand1, hand2, hand3.
Once i finished off the last of the bankroll in that account i quit. I didn't play then for the rest of the week as i was really pissed with poker. I handed the LepRecon777 account over to my brother who played a bunch of MTTs with it. He ended up breaking even with the account so i took it from him with $1000 left in it. I played a bunch of MTTs and no cash games on friday and didn't catch any breaks. So with ~$890 in the account i stopped playing it.

I deposited $200 on full tilt on friday last. Really, i just wanted a change from Stars as i was sooo sick of it after last weekend. I played exclusively PLO cash (& 1 $30 PLO tourney) and some PLO8 ($0.50/$1). Each time i came in for a buyin of $50 and ran with it until the table dried up. By the time i went to bed i had doubled my stake and the balance on full tilt was just under $400. I withdrew $200 and left $200 on the account at that site. I found the games there waaaaay easier, and really just walked over the PLO tables. It took me forever to make anything on PLO8 and it wasn't till the last half hour that i was able to run the stake of $50 up to ~$130 before i left.
I didn't play any poker on saturday and then on sunday evening i played the bloggerment and some PLO cash on fulltilt. The bloggerment was a good game and i enjoyed it till kenn sickened me and took out my KK with JQo!!! AArrrGGHhhh!! I guess i would have still had chips if i hadn't donated to Bluescouses cause with A5s vs his KK, and in another hand i ended up calling a nice value raise he made against me on a dangerous board. I would have had more value in the hand if i rebluffed when he raised my blocker bet. Ahh well. At the same time i was playing some PLO cash $0.50/$1 and i ran well and played well. I was able to pump the $200 i had on that site up to $677. So in total my bankroll is now ~$1500. I still got some sickening beats. He would have lead out or at least check-raised with top two.

I'm a bit disappointed i didn't post when i was down. But i think its very hard to post when losing. I'll try do it in the future but no promises! Also, i shouldn't have got so impatient and gambled it up on $1/$2 and higher. The damage is done now though, so i'm back in repair mode!

With the €150 i won in the cash game with the lads at the start of the month i'm going to play the €200 monthly freezeout in the macau. Colin won a satellite to the tournament and is selling me the ticket for €150. He wants 10% if i come first(only first), which i hastily agreed to. In hindsight i can't believe i did as thats such a crap deal. I should have just bought the 10% off him for €50. I would be happier whilst playing the tournament.

Current Balance: $1567

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