Saturday, July 28, 2007

Grinding again.

I luff to bluff. Just can't help it. Omaha is just the game to play deep stacked if bluffing is your game. On this hand i made a check raise bluff with just the bare Ad. It works a high % of the time, but the player in this hand repumped with his J high flush. Ballsy/stupid, i don't know. Against me its probably ballsy. Although, he hadn't been playing with me all that long.
Anyone else think this is a tough fold?

I'm in the process of building up both my bank rolls on full tilt and pokerstars. The poker stars bankroll is back over $1000 now. The full tilt roll is on about $650, so there's a bit of work to be done there. I have a ticket for $100k monthly freeroll for goldstar+ which is on today. A bit of luck early on in this one wouldn't go astray.

Imagine having these skills at the poker table!! It would be too easy.

Current Balance: $1640


snoopy1239 said...

The bare ace bluff isn't as easy as people make out. There are plenty of players who can't release a non-nut flush, so you really have to select your opponents carefully. When it does go tits up, you can have your whole stack in there with few, and often no outs.

Good luck.

20kmission said...

yeah, looking at it again that player wasn't nearly deep stacked enough to even think about trying that play.
my bad.