Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sunday Million $1050 ticket

Played some more (25c/50c) cash. Maybe a bit too loose aggressive, and dropped about $110. (I also played a $20 PLO8 tournament with no joy.)Some hands were tough, like running KK into 33 on an 833 board for a buyin. There were some other 'not much you can do about it' situations but i can't recall too many right now. I made some folds in the wrong spots. One pretty sick hand, i had a straight with 25o on the button. A board of 2346 and 3 hearts. I raised preflop, and got a free turn card, which completed my straight. The sb bets the flush/straight card, and the bb raises all in. I dumped and the sb called with aa which held against the bb's 77. I was a bit flahed sitting down to play but did anyway. I think that showed and my play was defo sup-par.

My biggest news of this week is winning a Sunday millions ticket. I played a $27 double shootout for the Sunday million quarterly ($1050) and got the ticket. In my first table i came from behind twice to survive. One hand was AT vs AQ, and spiked a T, the other was AK vs KK to flop my A. Both were all in pre. Anyway, the main thing is i have the ticket now, I'm really tempted to play as its the Quarterly $1050 entry. With a small(er) field and big prize pool it'll be a wicked game. Although, it would really mean a load to my roll if i took the tournament dollers. Another option is to play the warm up tournament and bankroll the rest. I'll see how i feel before the tournament starts.

Busted out in the $200/$400 level with QQ vs KK. Fooking horrible. Couldn't manage to hold chips together. I was up and down between 10,000 and 15,000. So i stuck it in that spot from the big blind. If i had of played a flop, i think i wouldn't have gone broke, funnily enough. Ahh well. No regrets anyway.

Current Balance: $1974


sag said...

I got a ticket last month and I have to say it's a great experience. 10000 chips is just so wicked to play the game instead of fall into push or fold very early. Just remember when you get into the money you already get more than you would with tournament dollars, but it's always a risk.

Kenn said...

so the hand QQ vs KK was in the big one???

what palce you finish in?

20kmission said...

yup, i finished in like 1002 place. So no major heartache. I could have done damage with some chips, but it wasn't to be.

Anonymous said...

I know its a great tourney but you could have added 50%to your bankroll if you didnt play the 11rebuy turbos are great value for sunday million you can withdraw as tourney dollars when you win a ticket godd luck.


nah... its worth a try... $1050 buy in with field of only 1400 ppl
no regretz no doubt mate...i wouldnt have stashed it either...
oh i ve been keeping a lil bankroll in FullTilt these days and i find the games much easier... i think agree wit u on that part where u said games are tougher in stars..
keep it up and gl at ur tables