Monday, June 18, 2007

New Focus

I've been playing a good deal of PLO (25c/50c) and MTTs. Intermittently playing some STTs, which i seem to be just blowing off steam in really. Not particularily playing well in them apart from the 10x $20 STTs which i still have to finish. Generally just oscillating about $2k. Twice I've won some $$ playing tournaments and just blown it on cash and too many MTT entries. Don't want to let that happen again now.
I'm finding PLO very draining at the moment. While it can be lot of fun playing small ball, and running bluffs (when they work) constantly being either side of a 60/40 is really a hard way to get by. From playing Betfair I've noticed the level of play at Pokerstars is way higher. I love playing hard games cause I'm all about stepping my play up, but i'm taking a short break from it for a while. Its too tough to be thinking about it as a way to build a roll, which is what i need to be doing right now. I hadn't played NLHE cash in ages and just recently I sat down and actually found the play reasonably soft. I managed to pull myself out of a $200 hole from MTTs and PLO in about 2 hours. I'll keep playing (25c/50c) until i have enough of a roll behind me that i can bring my full game to the NLH ($0.50/$1) tables and on and on.
Aside from PLO cash I've been playing my usual 'any multi-table tournament that on' when i sit down. I'm working on my heads up game as much as possible and I'm a regular at the $20 Heads up tournaments on Stars. So far I haven't had any big results but hopefully it'll happen soon. Definitely room for improvement there.

So here it is, I'm going to focus on 6 handed NLHE cash until i reach $3000. I'll try keep it to cash as much as possible, but if there is a tourney on ill probably play it. Theres no point me trying to stop playing tourneys, even temporarily, as I'm addicted! Also as many $20 Heads up MTTs as possible.

PLO is a sick way to win or lose money. Just as a good entry for the blog I've been trying to get a descent run where ill start with $30 on the (25c/50c) tables and once i get to $60 take it to the ($0.50/$1) tables, then $120 on the ($1/$2) tables ... etc. Usually i go broke on the ($1/$2) tables. Its just for fun really, so if i get a sick run up to the ($5/$10) or ($10/$20) watch this space!! It'll probably end up with me losing it but it should be a good read. Since I've no experience on high stakes it'll be an inhibition buster, as long as it doesn't end on the first hand!!

If anyone hasn't seen The Rise and Fall of Stu Ungar check it out on pokertube. I posted his tournament winning hand from his '97 comeback on

Current Balance: $2006

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