Sunday, June 10, 2007

Journey to the Final Table. PLO8.

I said I'd try to make a PLO8 final table for a 'Journey to the final table' post, so here it is. It was a $30 freeze out with 63 runners. Its not such a large field as the $20 $4000 gaurnteed but still an example of my game and the play in these tourneys. There are a couple of leaks in my game which should be evident in some of the hands posted. I've pointed out the most obvious ones and hope to plug the rest as time goes on.
I gambled early to get a stack, and usually when you get chips together early these tourneys can run very smoothly.

You finished in 1st place (eliminated at hand #10333028318).

217 hands played and saw flop:
- 23 times out of 35 while in small blind (66%)
- 25 times out of 35 while in big blind (71%)
- 51 times out of 147 in other positions (35%)
- a total of 99 times out of 217 (46%)

Pots won at showdown - 36 out of 44 (82%)
Pots won without showdown - 25

Some early gambles and up to $5000 by the $25/$50 level.
    I catch a dream flop, 24T, in a limp pot with (A3)68. With a draw to the nut low I'm looking to play a big multiway pot. There is a bet and a call and 4 players behind me. I could have made a small raise here but i just called (hoping everyone would) and the next player ships. I never advocate drawing to split, but i thought he may have a similar hand to me, and i could 3/4 it if his low were counterfeit. So we played all in. He showed a set of 2s with no low, and i lucked out catching a 5 for the scoop. A badly played hand by both of us.
    I call a button raise with (AJ)Q2 and two callers behind me. Flop is (37)T, giving me a bare nut low draw. I played it aggressively, betting into the two callers in the middle. Another line might be to bet small (1/2 the pot) so that they might both call, and should the button raise we can play all in. I played it aggro though because the button might then fold if he was raising A2 as he shouldn't want to get 3/4d. As it happened, he played all in with me and i paired my Jack which was enough to take the high pot.

From $5,500 to $30,000 between $75/$150 and $200/$400.
    I pick up A(A69) and call a LP raise in the sb. I've played with 55lucky55 before and i know he's raising a descent lo or else a hi hand. Flop comes (58)9 which gives me a flush draw, but there is 2 low cards out there. I bet out and he calls. The turn is an 8 which is a very safe card for me. So i bet my two pair & flush draw which is enough to commit him and he calls trying to catch his low/4. River blanks for him and i take the $11k pot. Not too much later, i flop trip aces with a low draw to his Kings full. I pair my 5 to fill and get the scoop for $4k.
    I take down a small pot ($3.5k) with a set holding T(T2)2. I called a raise from a big~ish stack holding (A2K)K and flop the nut low (draw) and flush draw against his 2 pair and nut low draw. It goes all in and i win the race taking 3/4 of the pot for $8.5k. With (QA)(AJ) i take on two short stacks. I go behind on the flop but river the flush for the scoop and $7k. Another small pot won with 3A(A5) and im up to $33,000.

The meltdown, $30,000 to $10,000, and the key bluff on the final table.
    A steal doesn't go my way, -$4k, and then i make an ill timed missed-draw river-bluff, -$7k, and the villain involved gets paid the maximum. Then i get involved with a trash Hi/Lo hand, losing $2.4k and doubling a short stack, and again, losing another $2.4k. Then a disgraceful bluff on a board of Q9(A45) against a short stack for -$6.4k.
    Down to $11,000 from a big chip lead and its looking like i could bust if i keep it up. The button limps on my bb and im holding 4(2J)8 and i take a stab at a board of KJ3 which gets called. The turn is an A, giving me the nut low draw and i check call his turn bet. If i hit my low (without being counterfeit) i can ship for the steal. Once again i miss my draw and bet the river. I like this bluff though, as i could easily have been value betting a QT, and he can't call here without the straight. Thankfully he folds, +$5k. I'm now back up to ~$16000.

Back up to $30k by $800/$1600. Don't bluff the empty side pot!!
    I make some raises and get a few call-check-folds and work my way back up to $22,000. Then bust a short stack with a flopped 2 pair, and we are down to 6. Some more aggressive stealing with dirt (that finally works!!) and im up to $34,000.
    We are down to 5 and the short stack left has a little more than 1 big blind. I make a pair of Js on the flop and i'm happily checking it down when someone bets their flush draw!! He misses and the shorty 4x's up. My J would have took it. I'm not too bothered by this since i have the chip lead and can use it to pressure the other medium stacks whilst the shorty is hanging around. Anyway, i cripple the empty sidepot bluffer when i make a flush and a low against him. I manage to get him to call almost his whole stack with 2 pair and no low!!

Using the big stack with the shorty hanging around.
    The stacks are now, button: $6.5k, small blind: $27.5, me(bb): $53k, utg: $7k. I start putting pressure on the other big stack. Down to 3 and after making some hands against him, a house and two pair, i manage to swing the chip lead in my favour as a 2:1. Once i got this safe margain against him its time to start laying it on thick. He makes a button raise and I repump out of the small blind with (A7)Q3. Its basically all in or fold for him. Ideally, i don't want any action here and id rather he would fold. But he calls with A(J5)3 and i win the race.
    Finally I'm heads up with a monster lead $83k to $10k. I take down a small pot and then finally finish it. Its funny that the player who was all in (to 4x up) when i was bluffed off the best hand came in second.

Current Balance: $2174


dD said...

nice result and well played.
wish I could play in some of these tourneys ... but 21.30 eastern time ?? or is it 09.30 ?

either way, working during the day kinda knocks it on the head for me.

good luck, keep posting.



aka ResdentEvil

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Dremeber said...

Whooh, very nice result.

Keep on going!


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