Monday, June 4, 2007

Ante down

I playing a good deal of PLO8 last weekend. It was mainly $0.50/$1 and i dropped the guts of $400 and another $200+ on MTTs & STTs. Pokerhand was down so i didnt post any hands, but the general gist of my play was i played okay, and got unlucky in some spots, but mostly i think i overvalued hands in different situations.
One spot came up when i had AA67 suited to the A in the small blind. It was a 6way limp pot and i min-raised. The limper utg re-raised all in for $18($20). The next player calls and its folded to me. I have a stack of $130 and the other player has $120. As it worked out, i could reraise the pot and have only $35 behind, which i did. I missed the flop completely which was 2Q7 with 2 spades. As it happened it was a dream flop for the caller who held A34Q suited in spades. I've won a large deal with aces in PLO8 but if they dont have a 2 or 3 they're usually dirt (one suit = essential).

I'm not going to harp on about it much more other than to say i'm just dropping down to 25c/50c again until things turn better.

Macau Summer Festival
I played the $200 satellite for the $1500 main event at the Macau Club in Cork this weekend. Its the only event of the festival I've played so far and I busted in the 3rd level. This can be attributed to mainly two hands. I ran my $7000 stack up to about $9500 and made a raise with AKs in MP. I'd been playing relatively aggressive and was very comfortable at my table. So i make it $450 (blinds $75/$150) and the small blind pushes all in for $6000+!!!! Like wtf!?!? If it was the first time he did it i would seriously consider folding as i didn't think i needed to gamble at this table. That being said, i called and his QJs hit a Q which held. Not too later i picked up TT with a raise of $375 in front of me. I shipped and got insta-called for my $2200. His pair of sevens made a four card flush.

The most interesting hand i had was in the $25/$50 level. A guy raised on my right to $400. I instantly put him on AQ, and gave him a small probability of hold JJ or less.
I have AK, and flat call. Flop comes J9x he bets $400 i call, turn is a 9, he bets $400 i call, river is a J (which i hated seeing) and he bets $1100. What do you do?

My thinking is he either has JJ for quads or else AQ. Don't think he'd bet TT there. If i raise he'll fold AQ, or else he'll re-raise with quads or a J and if i call best case is ill split.
Unfortunately, i didn't make a play for the pot and flat called, he showed AQ to split.

I wanted to take a shot at playing the last event in the festival in the Macau. Its the €250+€20 Pub Challenge. Not willing to fork out €270 i thought i'd give a shot at running €60 up to €330 for the buy in, or else lose it. So I put €60 down on betfair. Since Omaha is the fastest way to win and/or lose money I put it all on a $0.50/$1 omaha cash table. I'm happy to say I was able to work the $80 up to about $500 which was enough to cash out €330 and have $50 left on the account at that site. So ill be playing the pub challenge tonight.

A really strange PLO hand.
Whilst playing omaha on betfair i got a sick outdraw. Not that i was a huge favourite or anything, (i had a flush against a set) but the pot developed from nothing ($6) to a $250 pot and the guy got rewarded for his stupidity. It was particularly annoying as it seemed to me he was playing well and this was his only mistake all night. I raised in the sb to $3 with a suited ace of clubs and trash, the bb calls. I flop the nut flush and bet the pot. He min-raises to $12, i make it $24, he makes it $36.... Hold on ... now i check to make sure there is no straight flushes out there... J86, im good. So i ship. He calls with 88xx and betfair wastes no time to pair the board on the turn. That was a $250 pot and i was left with $150, which luckily enough, i was able to run back up. That guy left not long after.

~Update~ Well i busted out in the second level of the Pub Challenge. With a limper utg, i limp utg+1 with KQh.. considered raising, another limper and we see a flop of 9TJ with 2 diamonds. The limper utg bets $400 into $500, i make it $1200, she showed some irritation and called. Turn comes a T and she checks forcefully. I've already put her on TJ for calling the raise, but in case she had JQ i made a small bet of $1000. She makes it $2500... ughhh. The original plan was to fold to a check raise. I thought about it for a while but couldn't bring myself to dumping it. She had all the signs of filling a house and some speech play by her just reinforced that idea. Still couldn't release. The other option was to check the turn and call a river bet, but by betting here i think its possible to get out cheaper (except when you can't fold). The only hand i want to see now is QT, which really isn't a limp utg hand(imo). So, i ship, she calls and showed TJ then for the house. Should have been an easy fold on the turn.
    On my table i sat to the right of Flipper, Jimmy McSweeney and Eoin Tobin. Being oop of all these players meant id be playing for their blinds, which was going to be tough, but I was looking forward to seeing how i fared. Unfortunately i didn't last long enough.
Going to see if i can run the remaining $50 on betfair up enough for a buy-in for one of the €100 weekly freezeouts.

Current Balance: $1950


headspace said...

I was begining to fear that you only won ul on your set back online. Great blog though I hope u make the 20K, I know I,m sick of going broke myself due to bad bank roll managment and am going to try something like your mission. Anyway keep up the bolg and good work

20kmission said...

Thanks, and good luck with building your roll. If you consider blogging your progress just leave me the url and ill link you up.