Thursday, June 7, 2007

10 x $20 STTs

I've been looking at some of my stats and trying to determine where I've lost most of my money recently. A large chunk has been lost playing $25,$30 and some $50 STTs. Mostly from medium stakes turbo sngs. So this post here is a conscious effort to try and improve my %ROI from playing SnGs.
I'll fill this post as i play the $20 STTs with results and any good/bad plays i made.

1. (1/9) Can't say I'm overly proud of this win as i got wicked lucky in some spots. First off i got short from some bad bets and make a little squeeze play with 88 vs AK to double. Win a small 40/60 vs a short stack. Then i crack aces x1. But no apologies there, he played them dangerous. crack aces x2. That was lousey. Heads up I finished it off in fine style with AKd vs TJo.
A good start but its gonna be a bumpy one i think.

2. (2/9) Went low again at the start and then picked up 3 hands in a row that got me into the money. A3h in the bb, A9o steal from the sb, a cdu holding A9 on the button. Played a bit fast heads up, the first hand i limp-reraise allin with A3 against JJ. I figured he'd raise no matter what.

3. (5/9) Some aggressive play early on and i got up to $2000. Then overplaying 2 hands in succession i dump most of my stack. Preflop, I reraise with AQo and the button calls and raises my continuation bet. I'm sure he had a big pair. Alarm bells should have went off but didn't. Then i really could have check folded with AJh when i missed the flop. More often than not, a limp call preflop from a short stack is a small pair. I survived with push fold poker for ages and then made this loose call. He had just lost AQ vs 55, and i figured he'd push any 2. Don't know if it was a good/bad call. Then TT vs A4o to bust.

4. (3/9)

Just cleaned out my betfair account. I ran it up to about $140 and busted it tonight. I'll blame this hand. I wasn't playing particularly good(shying away from some stealing opportunities), but winning that pot would have got me right back in it.

Current Balance: n/a


sovietsong said...

Alright mate, just found your blog and wanted to say cracking read so far. Keep up the good work



Linked u on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Loving the blog chap, cracking read and the sort of project many of us try or think we are trying before donking off...LOL. Anyways, I was interested to know if you are a member of any training sites ? or use any poker tools ?
Also, as a PLO8 MTT player myself, when is the tourney you play on Stars ? I've looked and never any running starting mid evening for us UK players


black666 said...

@2 A9 hand on the button: I don't know if I like your call here. Folding still leaves you with about 17BB which is huge in SNGs .. plus there are also 3 guys who are shorter than you are (even after folding). So there is absolutely no need to gamble here and risk being dominated.

20kmission said...

The best PLO8 tourney is the $20 $4000 GRN which is usually around 00:30 my time. Its a bit of a dose as that means i can't play during the week, but i will when i'm hungry for it on a quiet friday night. Usually it'll finish about 5/6am if you win it.
I'm not a member of any training sites. I use checkyourbets, Pahud and pokertracker.
Check out the $30 tourney in the next post. That was on early enough, like 2/3pm. It probably runs on a Sat/Sunday aswell.

I'm not mad about the A9 call either black but i gave it a little more weight since, 1. i took down the last two pots and 2.he was playing very aggro and i was expecting to at least play a flop with him. I like to think of it as an aggressive call. lol.
nice 1 though. Anything other dodgy plays you notice be sure and slate me!!