Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sunday Million $1050 ticket

Played some more (25c/50c) cash. Maybe a bit too loose aggressive, and dropped about $110. (I also played a $20 PLO8 tournament with no joy.)Some hands were tough, like running KK into 33 on an 833 board for a buyin. There were some other 'not much you can do about it' situations but i can't recall too many right now. I made some folds in the wrong spots. One pretty sick hand, i had a straight with 25o on the button. A board of 2346 and 3 hearts. I raised preflop, and got a free turn card, which completed my straight. The sb bets the flush/straight card, and the bb raises all in. I dumped and the sb called with aa which held against the bb's 77. I was a bit flahed sitting down to play but did anyway. I think that showed and my play was defo sup-par.

My biggest news of this week is winning a Sunday millions ticket. I played a $27 double shootout for the Sunday million quarterly ($1050) and got the ticket. In my first table i came from behind twice to survive. One hand was AT vs AQ, and spiked a T, the other was AK vs KK to flop my A. Both were all in pre. Anyway, the main thing is i have the ticket now, I'm really tempted to play as its the Quarterly $1050 entry. With a small(er) field and big prize pool it'll be a wicked game. Although, it would really mean a load to my roll if i took the tournament dollers. Another option is to play the warm up tournament and bankroll the rest. I'll see how i feel before the tournament starts.

Busted out in the $200/$400 level with QQ vs KK. Fooking horrible. Couldn't manage to hold chips together. I was up and down between 10,000 and 15,000. So i stuck it in that spot from the big blind. If i had of played a flop, i think i wouldn't have gone broke, funnily enough. Ahh well. No regrets anyway.

Current Balance: $1974

Thursday, June 21, 2007

No need to bluff the river!

PokerStars Game #10551173765: Hold'em No Limit ($0.25/$0.50)

Table 'Galanthus II' 6-max Seat #2 is the button
Seat 2: stef4n ($67.55 in chips)
Seat 3: mambreno ($50 in chips)
Seat 4: mclauren30 ($30 in chips)
Seat 5: jordyreplay ($121.95 in chips)
Seat 6: LepRecon777 ($38.60 in chips)
mambreno: posts small blind $0.25
mclauren30: posts big blind $0.50

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to LepRecon777 [6h 2d]
jordyreplay: calls $0.50
LepRecon777: raises $1.50 to $2
stef4n: folds
MarkJDaniels joins the table at seat #1
mambreno: folds
mclauren30: calls $1.50
jordyreplay: calls $1.50

*** FLOP *** [9s 9c 8h]
mclauren30: checks
jordyreplay: checks
LepRecon777: bets $4.50
mclauren30: folds
jordyreplay: calls $4.50

*** TURN *** [9s 9c 8h] [Ah]
jordyreplay: checks
LepRecon777: bets $9.50
jordyreplay: calls $9.50

*** RIVER *** [9s 9c 8h Ah] [2h]
jordyreplay: checks
LepRecon777: checks

*** SHOW DOWN ***
jordyreplay: shows [Ts Js] (a pair of Nines)
LepRecon777: shows [6h 2d] (two pair, Nines and Deuces)
LepRecon777 collected $32.60 from pot

The guy playing that hand freaked out at me after the showdown. Can't blame him really. I raised the hand however as he was calling very light preflop and on the flop. I was just trying to steal a pot really. Prior to this hand he took me for a buyin holding T5o on a 235 board. I was holding AK with a flush draw and shipped to his flop bet.
My internet connection is capped for the month so if i want to play i have to use an internet cafe until July. Played tonight and started off the session dropping a buyin with T6s vs 55 on a 579 with 2 spades board. Dropped another buyin and then ran well ending up ~$120 for the 3 hour session. During it i had an overbet paid off! I river the nut straight holding 74s and a $2.25 pot became a $34 pot. Don't know what to say about that one!

Current Balance: $2129

Monday, June 18, 2007

New Focus

I've been playing a good deal of PLO (25c/50c) and MTTs. Intermittently playing some STTs, which i seem to be just blowing off steam in really. Not particularily playing well in them apart from the 10x $20 STTs which i still have to finish. Generally just oscillating about $2k. Twice I've won some $$ playing tournaments and just blown it on cash and too many MTT entries. Don't want to let that happen again now.
I'm finding PLO very draining at the moment. While it can be lot of fun playing small ball, and running bluffs (when they work) constantly being either side of a 60/40 is really a hard way to get by. From playing Betfair I've noticed the level of play at Pokerstars is way higher. I love playing hard games cause I'm all about stepping my play up, but i'm taking a short break from it for a while. Its too tough to be thinking about it as a way to build a roll, which is what i need to be doing right now. I hadn't played NLHE cash in ages and just recently I sat down and actually found the play reasonably soft. I managed to pull myself out of a $200 hole from MTTs and PLO in about 2 hours. I'll keep playing (25c/50c) until i have enough of a roll behind me that i can bring my full game to the NLH ($0.50/$1) tables and on and on.
Aside from PLO cash I've been playing my usual 'any multi-table tournament that on' when i sit down. I'm working on my heads up game as much as possible and I'm a regular at the $20 Heads up tournaments on Stars. So far I haven't had any big results but hopefully it'll happen soon. Definitely room for improvement there.

So here it is, I'm going to focus on 6 handed NLHE cash until i reach $3000. I'll try keep it to cash as much as possible, but if there is a tourney on ill probably play it. Theres no point me trying to stop playing tourneys, even temporarily, as I'm addicted! Also as many $20 Heads up MTTs as possible.

PLO is a sick way to win or lose money. Just as a good entry for the blog I've been trying to get a descent run where ill start with $30 on the (25c/50c) tables and once i get to $60 take it to the ($0.50/$1) tables, then $120 on the ($1/$2) tables ... etc. Usually i go broke on the ($1/$2) tables. Its just for fun really, so if i get a sick run up to the ($5/$10) or ($10/$20) watch this space!! It'll probably end up with me losing it but it should be a good read. Since I've no experience on high stakes it'll be an inhibition buster, as long as it doesn't end on the first hand!!

If anyone hasn't seen The Rise and Fall of Stu Ungar check it out on pokertube. I posted his tournament winning hand from his '97 comeback on

Current Balance: $2006

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Journey to the Final Table. PLO8.

I said I'd try to make a PLO8 final table for a 'Journey to the final table' post, so here it is. It was a $30 freeze out with 63 runners. Its not such a large field as the $20 $4000 gaurnteed but still an example of my game and the play in these tourneys. There are a couple of leaks in my game which should be evident in some of the hands posted. I've pointed out the most obvious ones and hope to plug the rest as time goes on.
I gambled early to get a stack, and usually when you get chips together early these tourneys can run very smoothly.

You finished in 1st place (eliminated at hand #10333028318).

217 hands played and saw flop:
- 23 times out of 35 while in small blind (66%)
- 25 times out of 35 while in big blind (71%)
- 51 times out of 147 in other positions (35%)
- a total of 99 times out of 217 (46%)

Pots won at showdown - 36 out of 44 (82%)
Pots won without showdown - 25

Some early gambles and up to $5000 by the $25/$50 level.
    I catch a dream flop, 24T, in a limp pot with (A3)68. With a draw to the nut low I'm looking to play a big multiway pot. There is a bet and a call and 4 players behind me. I could have made a small raise here but i just called (hoping everyone would) and the next player ships. I never advocate drawing to split, but i thought he may have a similar hand to me, and i could 3/4 it if his low were counterfeit. So we played all in. He showed a set of 2s with no low, and i lucked out catching a 5 for the scoop. A badly played hand by both of us.
    I call a button raise with (AJ)Q2 and two callers behind me. Flop is (37)T, giving me a bare nut low draw. I played it aggressively, betting into the two callers in the middle. Another line might be to bet small (1/2 the pot) so that they might both call, and should the button raise we can play all in. I played it aggro though because the button might then fold if he was raising A2 as he shouldn't want to get 3/4d. As it happened, he played all in with me and i paired my Jack which was enough to take the high pot.

From $5,500 to $30,000 between $75/$150 and $200/$400.
    I pick up A(A69) and call a LP raise in the sb. I've played with 55lucky55 before and i know he's raising a descent lo or else a hi hand. Flop comes (58)9 which gives me a flush draw, but there is 2 low cards out there. I bet out and he calls. The turn is an 8 which is a very safe card for me. So i bet my two pair & flush draw which is enough to commit him and he calls trying to catch his low/4. River blanks for him and i take the $11k pot. Not too much later, i flop trip aces with a low draw to his Kings full. I pair my 5 to fill and get the scoop for $4k.
    I take down a small pot ($3.5k) with a set holding T(T2)2. I called a raise from a big~ish stack holding (A2K)K and flop the nut low (draw) and flush draw against his 2 pair and nut low draw. It goes all in and i win the race taking 3/4 of the pot for $8.5k. With (QA)(AJ) i take on two short stacks. I go behind on the flop but river the flush for the scoop and $7k. Another small pot won with 3A(A5) and im up to $33,000.

The meltdown, $30,000 to $10,000, and the key bluff on the final table.
    A steal doesn't go my way, -$4k, and then i make an ill timed missed-draw river-bluff, -$7k, and the villain involved gets paid the maximum. Then i get involved with a trash Hi/Lo hand, losing $2.4k and doubling a short stack, and again, losing another $2.4k. Then a disgraceful bluff on a board of Q9(A45) against a short stack for -$6.4k.
    Down to $11,000 from a big chip lead and its looking like i could bust if i keep it up. The button limps on my bb and im holding 4(2J)8 and i take a stab at a board of KJ3 which gets called. The turn is an A, giving me the nut low draw and i check call his turn bet. If i hit my low (without being counterfeit) i can ship for the steal. Once again i miss my draw and bet the river. I like this bluff though, as i could easily have been value betting a QT, and he can't call here without the straight. Thankfully he folds, +$5k. I'm now back up to ~$16000.

Back up to $30k by $800/$1600. Don't bluff the empty side pot!!
    I make some raises and get a few call-check-folds and work my way back up to $22,000. Then bust a short stack with a flopped 2 pair, and we are down to 6. Some more aggressive stealing with dirt (that finally works!!) and im up to $34,000.
    We are down to 5 and the short stack left has a little more than 1 big blind. I make a pair of Js on the flop and i'm happily checking it down when someone bets their flush draw!! He misses and the shorty 4x's up. My J would have took it. I'm not too bothered by this since i have the chip lead and can use it to pressure the other medium stacks whilst the shorty is hanging around. Anyway, i cripple the empty sidepot bluffer when i make a flush and a low against him. I manage to get him to call almost his whole stack with 2 pair and no low!!

Using the big stack with the shorty hanging around.
    The stacks are now, button: $6.5k, small blind: $27.5, me(bb): $53k, utg: $7k. I start putting pressure on the other big stack. Down to 3 and after making some hands against him, a house and two pair, i manage to swing the chip lead in my favour as a 2:1. Once i got this safe margain against him its time to start laying it on thick. He makes a button raise and I repump out of the small blind with (A7)Q3. Its basically all in or fold for him. Ideally, i don't want any action here and id rather he would fold. But he calls with A(J5)3 and i win the race.
    Finally I'm heads up with a monster lead $83k to $10k. I take down a small pot and then finally finish it. Its funny that the player who was all in (to 4x up) when i was bluffed off the best hand came in second.

Current Balance: $2174

Thursday, June 7, 2007

10 x $20 STTs

I've been looking at some of my stats and trying to determine where I've lost most of my money recently. A large chunk has been lost playing $25,$30 and some $50 STTs. Mostly from medium stakes turbo sngs. So this post here is a conscious effort to try and improve my %ROI from playing SnGs.
I'll fill this post as i play the $20 STTs with results and any good/bad plays i made.

1. (1/9) Can't say I'm overly proud of this win as i got wicked lucky in some spots. First off i got short from some bad bets and make a little squeeze play with 88 vs AK to double. Win a small 40/60 vs a short stack. Then i crack aces x1. But no apologies there, he played them dangerous. crack aces x2. That was lousey. Heads up I finished it off in fine style with AKd vs TJo.
A good start but its gonna be a bumpy one i think.

2. (2/9) Went low again at the start and then picked up 3 hands in a row that got me into the money. A3h in the bb, A9o steal from the sb, a cdu holding A9 on the button. Played a bit fast heads up, the first hand i limp-reraise allin with A3 against JJ. I figured he'd raise no matter what.

3. (5/9) Some aggressive play early on and i got up to $2000. Then overplaying 2 hands in succession i dump most of my stack. Preflop, I reraise with AQo and the button calls and raises my continuation bet. I'm sure he had a big pair. Alarm bells should have went off but didn't. Then i really could have check folded with AJh when i missed the flop. More often than not, a limp call preflop from a short stack is a small pair. I survived with push fold poker for ages and then made this loose call. He had just lost AQ vs 55, and i figured he'd push any 2. Don't know if it was a good/bad call. Then TT vs A4o to bust.

4. (3/9)

Just cleaned out my betfair account. I ran it up to about $140 and busted it tonight. I'll blame this hand. I wasn't playing particularly good(shying away from some stealing opportunities), but winning that pot would have got me right back in it.

Current Balance: n/a

Monday, June 4, 2007

Ante down

I playing a good deal of PLO8 last weekend. It was mainly $0.50/$1 and i dropped the guts of $400 and another $200+ on MTTs & STTs. Pokerhand was down so i didnt post any hands, but the general gist of my play was i played okay, and got unlucky in some spots, but mostly i think i overvalued hands in different situations.
One spot came up when i had AA67 suited to the A in the small blind. It was a 6way limp pot and i min-raised. The limper utg re-raised all in for $18($20). The next player calls and its folded to me. I have a stack of $130 and the other player has $120. As it worked out, i could reraise the pot and have only $35 behind, which i did. I missed the flop completely which was 2Q7 with 2 spades. As it happened it was a dream flop for the caller who held A34Q suited in spades. I've won a large deal with aces in PLO8 but if they dont have a 2 or 3 they're usually dirt (one suit = essential).

I'm not going to harp on about it much more other than to say i'm just dropping down to 25c/50c again until things turn better.

Macau Summer Festival
I played the $200 satellite for the $1500 main event at the Macau Club in Cork this weekend. Its the only event of the festival I've played so far and I busted in the 3rd level. This can be attributed to mainly two hands. I ran my $7000 stack up to about $9500 and made a raise with AKs in MP. I'd been playing relatively aggressive and was very comfortable at my table. So i make it $450 (blinds $75/$150) and the small blind pushes all in for $6000+!!!! Like wtf!?!? If it was the first time he did it i would seriously consider folding as i didn't think i needed to gamble at this table. That being said, i called and his QJs hit a Q which held. Not too later i picked up TT with a raise of $375 in front of me. I shipped and got insta-called for my $2200. His pair of sevens made a four card flush.

The most interesting hand i had was in the $25/$50 level. A guy raised on my right to $400. I instantly put him on AQ, and gave him a small probability of hold JJ or less.
I have AK, and flat call. Flop comes J9x he bets $400 i call, turn is a 9, he bets $400 i call, river is a J (which i hated seeing) and he bets $1100. What do you do?

My thinking is he either has JJ for quads or else AQ. Don't think he'd bet TT there. If i raise he'll fold AQ, or else he'll re-raise with quads or a J and if i call best case is ill split.
Unfortunately, i didn't make a play for the pot and flat called, he showed AQ to split.

I wanted to take a shot at playing the last event in the festival in the Macau. Its the €250+€20 Pub Challenge. Not willing to fork out €270 i thought i'd give a shot at running €60 up to €330 for the buy in, or else lose it. So I put €60 down on betfair. Since Omaha is the fastest way to win and/or lose money I put it all on a $0.50/$1 omaha cash table. I'm happy to say I was able to work the $80 up to about $500 which was enough to cash out €330 and have $50 left on the account at that site. So ill be playing the pub challenge tonight.

A really strange PLO hand.
Whilst playing omaha on betfair i got a sick outdraw. Not that i was a huge favourite or anything, (i had a flush against a set) but the pot developed from nothing ($6) to a $250 pot and the guy got rewarded for his stupidity. It was particularly annoying as it seemed to me he was playing well and this was his only mistake all night. I raised in the sb to $3 with a suited ace of clubs and trash, the bb calls. I flop the nut flush and bet the pot. He min-raises to $12, i make it $24, he makes it $36.... Hold on ... now i check to make sure there is no straight flushes out there... J86, im good. So i ship. He calls with 88xx and betfair wastes no time to pair the board on the turn. That was a $250 pot and i was left with $150, which luckily enough, i was able to run back up. That guy left not long after.

~Update~ Well i busted out in the second level of the Pub Challenge. With a limper utg, i limp utg+1 with KQh.. considered raising, another limper and we see a flop of 9TJ with 2 diamonds. The limper utg bets $400 into $500, i make it $1200, she showed some irritation and called. Turn comes a T and she checks forcefully. I've already put her on TJ for calling the raise, but in case she had JQ i made a small bet of $1000. She makes it $2500... ughhh. The original plan was to fold to a check raise. I thought about it for a while but couldn't bring myself to dumping it. She had all the signs of filling a house and some speech play by her just reinforced that idea. Still couldn't release. The other option was to check the turn and call a river bet, but by betting here i think its possible to get out cheaper (except when you can't fold). The only hand i want to see now is QT, which really isn't a limp utg hand(imo). So, i ship, she calls and showed TJ then for the house. Should have been an easy fold on the turn.
    On my table i sat to the right of Flipper, Jimmy McSweeney and Eoin Tobin. Being oop of all these players meant id be playing for their blinds, which was going to be tough, but I was looking forward to seeing how i fared. Unfortunately i didn't last long enough.
Going to see if i can run the remaining $50 on betfair up enough for a buy-in for one of the €100 weekly freezeouts.

Current Balance: $1950