Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Quick Update

After the tournament on Saturday i played the $20+$2 Omaha H/L $4000 guaranteed. Along side this i played a $30+3 turbo Omaha H/L sng and an Omaha H/L cash table. Generally i don't like playing cash tables and sngs at the same time as the mentality is very different for both. Usually ill multitable cash or sngs but i think i just wanted to gamble it up a bit.

PLO8 Cash and Sng
The $30 sng i went out in 5th, due to over aggression on my part. I went a bit crazy with the first hand i played on the cash table(25c/50c). Now this happens quite a bit for me! Usually ill bluff the balls off the first hand or just g crazy with a draw. It actually helps me settle, win or lose. I limped in EP with A2JT suited to the T. There was a caller behind and the BB raised it up. I flat call the raise and the limper reraised it. Now, this is where things started to get weird. The BB flat calls the reraise. I was thinking i have A2, 5 handed, so i don't mind playing a big pot. If i push all in however, i might lose one of the players. Since i have A2 i want a big pot before the flop played 3way. So i re-raised it to $20 total, which left me with $10 behind. I was hoping for an all in from the limping reraiser and then the BB would surley call. Instead the action went call, call. So there is $60 in the pot before the flop, which ended up completely missing me, maybe i'm a fish as i can't fold with only $10 behind. So i lost that buyin. I rebought for another $30 and i think i was down another $20 before leaving.

$20 Omaha H/L
Things went well for me throughout the tournament but i ended up bubbling. There were about 250 runners and i placed 30th. My chip count peaked at about $50,000 which is enough for the final table but i really wasn't playing my A game and could hold-on to my stack. I doubled a short stack whilst holding A349 on a J92 board. He held AJ23 and i was genuinely shocked when he showed a pair of jacks. I really thought my pair of 9s was good, as i was putting him on a strong low hand given his raise pre. I simply thought the flop missed him and i was good(I think he went on to win). Then on the bubble i got involved with a speculative hand that i will accept a lot of criticism for. The raiser was very loose aggro and the players in the blinds had tightened up a great deal. Given this, i thought my hand would be worth seeing a flop in position. I had A2Q9 suited to the A and the flop came A88. He made a suspicious AAxx type bet which i wasn't going to buy. It seemed more a 23xx bet. My big mistake in the hand was on the flop (i think?). I should have pushed all in or folded then. Instead i called and then the turn card committed me. I'm behind to AKxx and drawing thin against any ace with low cards (which is the hand i would rather have). Luckily i had a coin flip but i missed/he hit and was out in 30th.

My roll was down to $1500 then. I had made the plan in my own mind to try and keep that a new zero mark. Unfortunately it is just above $1400 now but I'm going to try keep it above $1500 in the future. This will basically mean slowing down and dropping to lower stakes sooner if i am losing.
I didn't play Sunday(apart from the blogger tourney) or Monday. I played last night (Tuesday) even though i was feeling a bit run down. I was pretty tired from work and not really feeling like going to battle on the cash tables but i did anyway. It was soon obvious that my game wasn't sharp. I lost 2 buyins of $30 on 25c/50c and they can be attributed to basically 2 hands.

Hold 'em Cash
The first was JJ in the BB. I reraised a LP raiser and played a $20 pot oop heads up. With $18 behind, the flop came QQ8 with 2 spades. I made a pot committing continuation bet ... villian ended up showing down KQs for the winner. Then on another table, a new player arrived and after sitting through the blinds he limps in MP and i raise on the button with 99. He calls and check-raises me on an 8 high board with 2 hearts. I can beat a flush draw and A8, but would some really check raise A8?? Memories of 'ahh fuck it' come to mind and it ended up all in. He showed down TT for the winner.
Wish i didn't play last night as it goes against my fewer and longer sessions goal for the month. Definitely not going to play next time i'm not juiced for it. It simply way less profitable.

Bloggerment 8
I played the Blogger tourney on Sunday night. I haven't played it for ages as i've been away most weekends recently, so i was happy to give it a crack of the whip. Not much to report on my game as i went out in 10th. I over-committed myself with 67 on a 78x board. It was obvious i was behind when the sb check-raised me. I called trying to make 2 pair and get a stack that would give me a good shot at making the money but no joy.
I very nearly went out first, which was actually fairly scary. (Down to $700 after AT got drawn out on by two flushes!). Admittedly i could have gotten away way cheaper. First out is the so called 'Walk of Shame' with which, comes an accompanying dunce pic for your blog. No thanks, i don't want that! So, you can understand the terror rush. Its a strange feeling as i have never had any qualms about busting outta tourney first before!

Sammy Farha
My all time favorite pro is Sam Farha. The essence of cool at the poker table. I saw this video of Sam vs Phil Helmuth on youtube recently. I was laughing so hard at how much he wound up Phil and got him to call a raise with 3rd pair on the river! This is so funny cause I always see Phil making those stupid small bets on the river to get a cheap showdown and so many amateurs call and then get ridiculed for their play against him. Look how embarrassed he is after the hand, hahahaha, he even forgets what Sammy had, and starts blubbering. lol.

Current Balance: $1441


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