Friday, May 4, 2007

Can't find a Grape

Over the last two days i've played a couple of cash games and sit and go's. Its way less fun posting a loss than a win, but its gotta be done. The sit and go's i played were two $20 and one $30 STT.

The first of the two $20 tourneys i raised a limper on the button from the sb with KJd. I led into a 789 board with 2 diamonds to get raised, so i ship and he calls with A6o!! With no diamonds! But there you go, shit happens. Perhaps a bit of over play on my part in the early levels. I don't usually like to gamble against player i consider weak(partly the reason for my raise from sb), I rather race with good/better players as i think playing more flops with weaker players is +EV.
The other $20 i bubbled after a gruelling battle which reached the end of the 200/400 level. I placed second in the $30STT. Heads up i'm 2:1 behind and chose to limp-reraise all-in with A2 and he calls with KTd. A rivered T wins him the tourney.

At the 10c/25c tables i can account for losing about $100. Firstly the easy hands.
Cracked KK
I held KK in the sb and there was a limper in EP, a raise in LP. I reraise. The limper reraises and i push. He shows QQ and turns a set. -1 buyin. I guess he could have had AA just as easy, so i could be considered lucky he held QQ and unlucky he turned the set. On another table i reraised an active short stack who raised in LP with $12 behind. I'm holding AQo and it ends up all in. His KQ hit a K and thats half my stack. Trying to make something happen with the rest of that buy in i raised from 25c to $3.25 after 4 limpers enter the pot. I was holding AK in the sb. I get two callers and decided to just push my remaining $11 in on a KT9 board. Probably not a good play. I'm only getting called if i'm beat, but i can't really check-fold or bet-fold whith $11 left. If im lucky, someone has stuck around with KQ or KJ suited that wants to pay me off. Didn't work like that however, the EP limper calls with 99 for a set.
-2 buyins.

Same overpair vs same set x2!
During all this i ran JJ into a set of 4s, twice!! The first hand i think i should have been able to get away from. Both hands could have been easy folds, well lesson learned now. Both situations i wasn't giving either player too much credit for a hand. The first player was relatively passive and i really should not have given him action when he was reraising me. I think it was a 945 board. I went with him hoping he'd show A9 or something like that but no joy. His concealed set was good.
The second hand i held JJ on the button to raise and get a caller in the blinds and MP weak-limper called. The player in the blinds lead out into a 468 board with two clubs. I really considered folding as i hated the board and wasn't fond of raising. The only card I'd be comfortable seeing on the turn was a non club J, so calling wasn't an option. I thought maybe he was playing 89 or 78 or a flush draw and figured the MP limper would fold 80% of hands. If he played me for high cards or just for isolating the weak limper i would have to fold most hands on this board. With that line of thinking i pushed in and he called with 44 for a set.
-4 buyins
Perhaps a good deal of over-thinking the hand on my part and the simple answer was the right one. There was a lot of hands beating me on that board and the rest i'm probably even money against, so a big -EV play there. With regard to these decisions with JJ, they were slightly impulsive and didn't give enough consideration to the players i was against so thats something to work on.

Definitely not going to be over playing big pairs in the future. At the moment my confidence in my game is taking a hammering. Some good things i can take away from this session was in the couple of hands i was outdrawn i really wasn't bothered. Did all i could, so i was happy with my play. I lost $80 in each session and stopped playing. I think setting out a max to lose in a session isn't a bad idea. Its a good quitting point to have when things aren't working out. Big change from sitting down with a target to reach, which is how i played before. I wanna play like that again so bad!!

Current Balance: $725

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sag said...

"Big change from sitting down with a target to reach, which is how i played before. I wanna play like that again so bad!!"

probably the reason why nothing is running for you. I had this feeling when I had my bad run 2 weeks ago and almost stopped playing only joined a few freerolls and did not play a lot at all, it really cleared my mind and right now I am able to let go and just focus to play a good game.