Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Could be back on track!

I experienced the sickest hand so far for the mission in an $8 MTT. I had been building my stack slowly whilst avoiding confrontation from the other big stacks. At the $75/$150 level i have $15k in chips and am the chip leader of the tourney with 300 runners left. Top 150 get paid. So the field was about 1500 strong at the start.
After my recent episode where i lost a huge stack with JJ vs KK against another big stack deep in a tourney, i think im ready to fold everything up to QQ against heavy action. This is where the story starts, ... i get dealt KK in the sb. With a short stacked limper the other big stack at the table makes it 3x. I reraise big, and the short stack follows suit. Then the big stack pushes all in!!! My initial reaction was instant anger, like, "what the hell is goin on?!?". So i call hoping to see QQ or AK but no joy, he had AA and that was him doubled up. How incredibly lucky is that!! Two big stacks, other guy KK and you hold AA. As it happened i managed to finish in 28th place in that tournament whilst suffering the pains of the short stack all the way through. So it wasn't all a loss.

The most recent expense to my bankroll has been STTs. I've lost a lump on $20 STTs. Getting the bubble quite a lot. I tend to push the action on the bubble, and usually end up at either end of a 55-45. When i win these 50-50s it usually give me great momentum to go ahead and take 1st spot, but I've been losing them consistently and its costing me. I'm going to look into varying my strategies around the bubble. Maybe applying limited pressure and avoiding all ins for more than half my stack.
I think i might just have broken the karma of bubbling with the last STT i played. On the bubble, I folded JJ preflop, which is shit hot for a fish like me! I was up against AK, KK and A6. As it happened the BB woke up with KK but i would have been happy with the fold even if i was against just AK and A6.

I made back most of my losses playing a $2 heads-up tournament, winner-takes-all. Heads-up is definitely the strongest part of my game. I made back losses i experienced earlier in the mission by playing heads-up tournaments.
The level of play in this particular tournament was pretty soft. I didn't come up against any real competition until the quarter and semi rounds. In the quarters the guy was a serial bluff raiser. After a raise and a reraise (i reraised from the bb with A6), I lead out with a bet of $220 into a $600+ pot, and a board of AA8 rainbow. It left me with exactly $700 behind (suggesting i might fold). I'm praying the guy comes OTT and thats just what he did. All in with KTo and drawing dead! I think that was the biggest hand. The rest of the matches i was usually playing small pots.

Note: I hit a low of $500 !!

Stopped off to dump some cash on the omaha tables quickly. This is the only bit of cash game Omaha i've played in over 2 weeks. What a sick game!! Only 82% to double. Then i get a ton of abuse for re-raising him.

>>>laneythedog said, "thats what u get"
>>>laneythedog said, "dont ever raise a rasier"
>>>laneythedog said, "omaha lesson for u lep"
>>>laneythedog said, "i wish u had a thous dollars"
and then,
>>>laneythedog said, "THATS WHAT U GET FOR PLAYIN JUNK"

!!! Can you believe that?!!

He says he didn't like me raising cause he could have had AAA. The way i saw it, he either had AAA with the flush draw (explain the weak bet). Else I'm way out in front. So, you either got it, or you don't. Mightn't be the best way to play it but i rather being assertive than passive.

Current Balance: $785


sag said...

the best thing I have discovered for stt and mtt on the bubble, or at least lategame is the icm model and the sit and go wizard http://sngwiz.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=21&Itemid=54
you can test it 30 days for free.

Pokeking69 said...

Hey there lep, good work and keep it up!!

so what games do u think r est to build the roll on stars??
do u have a regular time when u play??


sag said...


thanks for the kind words, it's not working out that well so far. just check that hand...

20kmission said...

Hey Pk69,

I'm still trying to find my feet with what games are best, so i can't give you a definite answer.
At the start i made all my money playing cash games and then i had a big tourney win. Then i lost it all on the cash tables again!!

A good way to play i think is develop a good cash game strategy and play some tourneys/STTs with some of the profit from the cash tables. Its important to mix it up and not get bored. As long as you are focused at the tables, not much can go wrong.

Usually ill play between 7pm-11pm in the evenings. And if its raining at the weekend i'll play all day.

Tough break with KK vs quads sag. I had a look at that sng wizard but it seems its only a "what you should have done" wizard. Would that be right? Thanks anyway though.


nice blog bro and ur doin a good job... i just got started on this lil bankroll mission as well...
add me to ur link...

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