Friday, May 25, 2007

Bread and Butter

Here's the $5+R PLO8 tourney from last weekend. As you can see i have the bridesmaid dress on. I was thinking of doing a 'Journey to the final table' with this one but I'm not sure if the interest is there for PLO8. Anyway the pokerhand website seems to be down or sold or something. This is a bit of a dose as all the hands i have linked on my posts are not retrievable anymore. I had a look at Brian Townsend's blog some others and it seems to be the same deal everywhere.

I've had a relatively quiet poker week since two mammoth sessions on Friday and Saturday last weekend. Just played a small bit of PLO on the $0.50/$1 tables during the week and made a small profit which i lost on MTTs and STTs.

Following some advice from 4CardGrind I've opened another account on Pokerstars which i'll use for holding my bankroll. Just a small security measure since I'm posting my balance at the end of each post. If i decide to post any hands i play using that account it'll be the Hero-Villain story that people use.

As regards my goals for the month I think i achieved all of them. Number 1, i always made sure i had a winning attitude when sitting down to play. Not too sure if I've been play tighter but i think i've been bluffing less, which is good i think. Especially in PLO. I learned that not everyone plays the nuts, the hard way. Taking that extra 5 seconds and engaging the brain is a life saver. The days of 'Aaahhhh fuck you I'm all in' are hopefully done. Playing less and longer sessions is working for me. Its easier be patient when you know you gonna be playing for a while. And finally, I tripled my bankroll which is also nice.

Won't be playing much poker this weekend cause I'm goin to see Nas in Dublin on Sunday. Seen him the last time he was in Eire and it was well sick, so I'm looking forward to this one. I'll put a descent session in during the week and post some hands and that.

Current Balance: $2671



smooooth bro... smooth... it looks like ur managin ur roll well and playin good as well...=)
too bad we didnt hit that 10 billionth hand on stars lol...
i actually had my hopes up hahah...
some gal hit it from canada... and she was playing got damn 1 cent 2 cent nl game or wat a lucky cunt!.. lol!
gl in ur games again...

Amatay said...

Hello m8, nice blog. Wanna do a link swap? I'll link you up

dD said...

I'd be interested in a PL08 journey
and would love to have the time to play these fcuking cheap goldmines !!

but 5hrs ?? not in my position, unfortunately.



aka ResdentEvil

20kmission said...

ill do a PLO8 soon so. Ill try make another final table in the $20+$2 $4k grnteed and do a journey on that one. Thats an excellent tournament if you can get a stack together early.

Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Congrats, man. I played a PLO8 tourney just yesterday (w/much less success) . . . have been mostly on the PLO hi-only games of late, but am thinking of mixing it up some.

BTW, I think that pokerhand site is back up -- saw a thread on 2+2 yesterday indicating such.

20kmission said...

definitely worthwhile mixing it up, except when multi-tabling cash and tourneys, in my experience. i try vary my games amap. I wanna learn stud soon, but im getting annihilated playing it at the moment. is back up. There is an alternative site: if it happens to go off line again.