Wednesday, May 9, 2007

One Dime

Had a good session today which included winning two $20 sit and go's back to back!! In the middle of all this i gave the sickest beat ever. I mean ever-ever-ever-ever. I flopped top two pair and made a weak bet hoping i might get bluff check-raised or a little action. Well, i did get check raised, and was happy out till i saw his set of 9s. Then came two running flush cards to the rescue!! 25/1 shot = no problem. No training required. Just relax and let the money come to you.
I can safely say my bad run has come to an end (at least for the moment).

For anyone else having trouble with their sit and go strategy, i have found the diamond in the rough.

For a little more solid advice, my friend forwarded me a link to the STT Strategy Guide from boards. Although, i have to admit, i haven't got around to reading it yet! But its probably just as good!!

I have only just gotten Pahud and Poker Tracker working in conjunction recently. I can't imagine playing online cash again without them. They expose the players you want to give action to and those you want to avoid playing big pots with very quickly. Heres a random button bluff against a loose player. Generally these plays are dumb but what can i say, stolen water tastes sweet!!

Right at the beginning of the session I made a very marginal check-raise-all-in with 88 on a T956 board. I had no idea or stats on the player but i had seen he was active whilst i was waiting for the big blind. It was just one of those feelings you get that the guy is just jerking you around with something like JQ or JK. An expensive play, but it worked out this time.

Current Balance: $1031


Pokeking69 said...

hey 20K

how do u get the link to ur hand history on pokerhand org??

i tried puting a link on my most recent post but no joy??


20kmission said...

Have a look at this link PK69,

That should tell you all you need to know
for adding html links to your webpage.


nice blog bro... ur doin a great job... i just started up on this blog... on a similar mission like u... lets race! maybe you can share some of ur good knowledge wit me...
add me to ur link..
take it ez!


lol just played few hands wit u at .25/.50 nl.. ok i think i got a better name for my project...
the snowball effect lol
anywayz gl in ur game...

coolum said...

No problem Scoopz, The Snowball Effect it is.