Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Back against the Wall

After the great run i had over the easter break i have taken quite a hit. My bankroll now lies at $880 :( I had plans of making this post and showing a ton of 60/40s that i have lost playing omaha in one particular session and blaming it on that, but upon reflection its obvious that its not the sole cause of destruction. After taking some nasty hits, i went down the classic road of gambling it up to make it back. This has involved pushing some very marginal hands and situations in an effort to regain what i lost. Often this would happen after buying into a higher table at a min buyin. I could double/triple my buyin and then push a draw and lose it all. Instead of just leaving it another buyin seems to be the best option. Then enter major tilt. Its incredible how much damage you can do to your roll in a few sessions like this. I've talked to a couple of players who have experienced similar a pain and they agree that you can feel the tension building in the front of your forehead, and you know you are self destructing. You know you are not playing your best game by any means but yet cannot take yourself away from the table. Even if you double once or twice usually the end result is the same, that you stay till all is lost.

With this all said my back is now against the wall. Its shape up or ship out time. Even though it kills me to do it, I'm dropping down the blind levels. This is absolutely necessary to get back on track. Its a new month and with that (hopefully) a new beginning. Most importantly i have got my hunger back. I'm gonna cream those 10c/25c tables, lol. I'm setting out some goals for this month. In order of preference here they are:

1. To gain complete attitude control at the tables at all times.
2. To increase my ratio of pots played to pots won.
3. To eliminate impulse reactions and eradicate tilt.
(-If I am forced to reload more than once I must sit out 10mins.)
4. To have fewer and longer sessions.
(-I am intending to post twice weekly now, and after every major session)
5. To double my bankroll.

On another note, Chris Ferguson has just started a $0to$10,000 mission on full tilt. Its definitely worth a look. I have no doubt he'll get there before me. Going to blame that one on time constraints, lol. This mission was done and blogged by a player on pacific by the name of McFly, i think. I read the blog before but i have lost the link. I'd love to add it to the blog list so if anyone comes across it could you please leave me the url.

Current Balance: $880


Pokeking69 said...

hey there bad luck with the poor run, not at same limits but no exactly how u feel

well everyong always says keep it simple and u should see it through


sag said...

we all lose from time to time, I had a bad run last month as well, luckily I cashed out most of my winnings before, but I wasted my 70$ I put into stars as you did before. I find it very useful to blog about my progress and take breaks from the tables. write down thoughts and especially being honest with myself helps me a lot. I can sense a losing spree when I do not update my blog regularly...you should get yourself poker tracker and poker ace, some sites offer it for free when you sign up with a poker site. both are not needed, but I really like the cold hard facts that numbers can give you about your game.

Dremeber said...

Indeed we all lose from time to time. Maybe it is a good idea to not risk more than 10% of your bankroll each day. It psychological. with a loss of max 10% of your bankroll, you're still capable of playing without fear the next day. Maybe it helps, maybe it doesn't.

Interested in exchanging links with my blog?


Dremeber said...

Hi 20k,

The favour is returned.


Kenn said...

good luck in your missiom mate think once you beat the tilt side of the game you'll be well on your way.

when did you start your mission?

enjoying the blog by the way

Kenn said...

PS - you can check out mine here

im trying the same thing as you and have managed to spin my $200 into something pretty decent this year. But i have been kinda forced into winning as the wife stopped working to bring up the rugrat

Kenn said...



20kmission said...

Thanks for the good vibes all. I'm sure ill get through it soon. I've added the links that weren't on my blog before.