Tuesday, April 3, 2007


I think i am finally settling into a groove with regards to what type of games i am playing for the mission. Recently it has been a lot of Omaha cash tables (10c/25c right now) and no limit hold 'em multi table tournaments. I have kind of side stepped the hold em cash tables for the moment. Its not that i don't enjoy playing them but, i think its tricky trying to make money at that game. I am finding Omaha easier to beat at the moment, and the action at the tables is incredible!!(ref: last post) However it has not come without its swings. In one session over the weekend i lost the guts of $120 at the cash tables. Luckily i had the good sense to leave it and come back later. I then managed to get it back on Sunday which was the business. I have been reading Rolf Slotbloom's book: Secrets of Professional Pot-Limit Omaha, which i have to say is an absolute gold mine!! I really hope too many other players don't read it, its that good!! I might dissect it later in a future post.

In other news i played a $3 MTT with 1115 runners and managed a 6th place finish which was good for $120. The hand that cost me the tournament i was dealt 99 UTG. I had a stack of $240k which was average and there was two short stacks with $58k & $90k. With blinds of $6k/$12k and a $600 ante i raised $36k. It should be noted that i had just taken down the last pot with an uncalled raise. The big stack to my immediate left, Ja_sie55 ($380k), reraised to $60k. I immediately assumed i was beat... which did not necessarily have to be the case at all. I flat called his raise intending to check-fold any flop without a 9. However on a board of TJ2 rainbow i bet out $82k, over half my stack and he flat called. I then checked a 4 on the turn he bet $60k and i folded.
I lost a total of $140k in that hand. I don't necessarily think that he had to have me beat either with his reraise. When considering his stack, the short stacks at the table, and the fact that i had just taken down the blinds, his range of hands that he could re-raise me with there were quite wide. He did not necessarily have to have AA KK or QQ, I think he may have reraised with AJ or better (maybe ATs) 66, 77 or better, maybe even KQs with the intention of putting pressure on me. What confuses me about the hand is why he flat called behind me on the flop. The only hands i would flat call there with would be TT or JJ for a set, anything else is too vunerable. Maybe he could have flat called there with AK or 77, i don't know really. My fault in the hand came either from not pushing all in pre or else not check-folding without a set. Any help with this one would really be appreciated!! It was such a badly played hand on my part. Some kind of lapse in concentration i think. Maybe i should cut down on the sugar!!lol
I wasn't able to pick up any hands after that and was blinded down to $74k. After posting a $16k big blind i had $58k left. Ja_sie55 then min-raised utg(with TT). I looked down at KTs, i figured it was as good a time as any for a double so i pushed hoping for live cards and a chance to win a $160k pot. Even being dominated by the TT i was happy with the price i was getting. The flop brought a flush draw and the turn an open ended straight draw, but it was just a tease as the river blanked and i was out in 6th. Ja_sie55 then went on to win the tourney.

I played the first BritBloggerment tournament, which i thought was a really good game. Hopefully it will be a regular thing now. I managed a third place finish. When play was 3-way i had at one stage a $20,000 stack versus cadmunky's $7,000 and Al Eleven's $4,000. I was a bit too keen to get people all-in/double them up, and in the end Al Eleven's patience paid off. He managed to eventually catch some cards to take advantage of my big-stack-gambling play. Congrats to him as he went on to win the first tourney. The end of my game came when I reraised all in with $9k, two tens and a bag of salt and vinegar potato chips to lose the coin toss to cadmunky's AJ.

I thought this bit of footage of Dan Osman doing some speed climbing might be entertaining. This guy is amazing. Its kinda like climbing up the cash table blinds, but not at all really! Check it out:

Current Balance: $768.11

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sag said...

nice work. you seem to move on at a high pace... I was wondering where to get that omaha book by Rolf Slotbloom, I would like to sharpen up my game in this area for my random games with friends and horse tournaments.