Friday, April 20, 2007

Damage Control

I've just went through a big losing streak. It started as going broke to a 4 outer at an Omaha final table. Followed by losing a couple of 50-50s and 60-40s at the omaha 50c/$1 tables. This quickly developed into major tilt. I demolished my bankroll and my play became completely irrational. I would automatically assume everyone at the tables was jerking me around and consistently ended up paying people off. I stopped visibly thinking about hands almost completely and would just decide what hand my opponent would have. Usually whatever would be convenient. When i had lost about $400 and my balance was below $1800 I stopped recording my play on checkyourbets (bad idea). Hoping to 'make it back'. This hasn't happened of course and im stuck about $600 now. I have filled in the games i have omitted as best i can remember. The graph looks a bit like this unfortunately:

Repairs are under way.

Every time so far i have tried to level up on the cash tables i have found it difficult until my bankroll is about 1.5 to 2 times the required minimum balance according to my bankroll management. This is usually because i play a little too tight when i first start at a level. However, at the $0.50/$1.00 i blew a lot of dough playing too loose aggressive in the wrong spots, too passive at the wrong times etc. Couldn't seem to ever get it right. Multitabling 4 tables at 25c/50c at one time (& losing on all !!) didn't help either. Before i would play maybe 2 tables and target players, which has worked well, but too many tables and it becomes all about the cards. I've dropped down to 25c/50c for now and ill level up again once i build my roll over $2200.

I lost a $150 pot on the omaha tables against a maniac. Has anyone any thoughts on this hand ??? This player was super loose aggressive, i think i had to call the turn bet. I'm not quite priced in, but is this a fold that a good PL Omaha player would make? I know he doesn't have the straight, and i'm thinking that he'd probably make this bet if the board paired aswell. Any thoughts?

I think ill take a step back from Omaha for the moment. I was beating it for a while but i'm getting annihilated at the moment. I initially tilted, but i tuned my game back up and it's just not happening for me. Maybe I'm geting outplayed alot or maybe it's just the big swings, I don't really know.

Switching to hold'em cash and tournies for a while now. With that said here is a hand i lost in an $8+R event. There are 100 players left and 90 get paid, and i'm up in the top 6 spots. This one came up just before the break. I had just moved tables and the villain in question had taken down about 3 of the last 4 pots. I get dealt JJ in EP and raise 3x, i get a caller and soon to be winning a massive pot reraised huge. He types in 'break time' and i fell for it hook line and sinker. I called after some time and pushed on a T high flop. He of course held KK and i was pretty much finished. This was particularly disappointing as i had crawled back from gettin short after losing AA vs QQ all in preflop. Uuggh.

A dismal post i know. Hopefully the next one will be on the up.

Current Balance: $1560


james lee said...

Keep your head.I find when things go bad if you go to a 1c/2c table buy in for $2 and just go nuts!Believe me it helps without tilting off your bankroll.The omaha hand,i cant really comment as my omaha play can be brutal,but on the flop i think you are behind a lot of the time,but you are playing a lunatic as you say...........Just ask flippers advice on this one!!!!!

Kieran Walsh said...

Hey mate, you played that hand fine. He's just a complete donkey calling on the flop with those cards. It might have been an idea to check the flop to him and check-raise him all in but it's hard to know where you stand on that flop - but from the fact that he 3-bet you pre, I'd fancy him to have high card here. Looks like KKxx from the betting. Unfortunately, in omaha you'll play with people like that every day.

If you want my advie, I'd give the PLO a skip for a while and concentrate on NLH cash. Get pahud and pokertracker set up and just multi-table the small stakes. Tourneys are -EV for the most part IMO.

I just actually spotted that you are from Cork? Do I know you?

20kmission said...

Thanks for the heads up Kieran, thats sound, really appreciate it. So often its hard to know if you are doing things right, its great to get some perspective.

I'm definitely keen on switching to NLH cash for the time being. I hadn't heard of pahud before, im looking forward to using it. Sounds like it'll make multi-tabling alot easier.

No you don't know me, i don't play macau too much, one too many freerolls was ruining poker for me. Probably see ya at the summer festival. The line up looks good.

Kieran Walsh said...

Ok, might see you then. If you have any PLO hands that you have trouble with, stick them on an e-amil and I'll have a look at them for you when I get a chance.


Ukgatsby said...

Hang in there
It will turn good soon =)