Wednesday, April 11, 2007

$50 withdrawal

I have withdrawn $50 from my bankroll so essentially now i am 'freerolling'. It doesn't seem like that however due to the time and effort i have put in so far. My main motivation for withdrawing the money is so my account on checkyourbets (username: 20kmission) displays my correct balance online, hours played and hourly rate etc. My graph of my wins/losses now runs from $0 rather than $50 as before.

I have had a brief go at the low stakes $0.25/$0.50 Omaha tables and was able to sandbag my way from $10 to $199, ala Rolf Slotbloom. This basically meant trapping and limp reraising overly aggressive players. One very aggressive player felted me with this hand on the 10c/25c tables. I flopped the nut flush and he flopped a straight flush. He was exceptionally active and i was hoping that by betting weak at the flop i could get him to bluff at the pot, which i thought i was successful at. Then when he bet the turn strong (which was a blank) i was thinking his play was so strange that he had to have the straight flush / King high flush. I don't think i am or ever will be able to lay down the nut flush to a straight flush. He is welcome to my money in this spot.

Now that i am over $1000 i will be rounding down my balance for the end of each post. As per my Bankroll Management i will be playing the 25c/50c tables now. I might continue playing the micro stakes for a while however, until i get to about $1300, so i will be more comfortable moving up to low stakes.

Also congratulations to Martin smith for winning the Irish Poker Open and also to Roland De Wolf for another incredible finish. He really is dominating the tournament circuit at the moment.

Current Balance: $1115


Pokeking69 said...

hey there well done on getting the roll up and taking back ur $50
i linked u to my blog, maybe u could return the favour?
i am trying to work the micro limits like u but i am not having the same success, i think i gonna read ur archives to see if i can pick up any good tips for this micro limits

course if u wanna leave a comment with any good advice i am all ears!!


black666 said...

hey there!
thnx for your comment ... I already linked you. keep up the good work.