Friday, April 13, 2007

2nd Place Syndrome!

I've been looking forward to playing the $20 Pot-Limit Omaha High/Low tournament for ages. I wanted to wait till i got over $2000 but i just couldn't resist. Anyway i played it and finished second!! Whats going on though? I've never won a tournament yet!! I made a second place on pacific poker $10k guaranteed before after playing heads up for over an hour and a half. Its like a mental block. I just can't seal the deal. This second place is driving me mad. Its gotta be because its Friday the 13th, right!?!

The tournament was great though. I was only all in twice in the whole game (except the final hand). The first hand was interesting. The other big stack at the table was super aggressive and i was looking for push in with him. It was basically going to be me or him left at the table, because he was basically just running over everyone. I later called a raise with TTK9s and on a TJQ board, i check raised all in against the aggro big stack. I was hoping he might fold the second nut straight if that was what he was betting, but he called me with it!! Have a look. Luckily for me, i drew out on him and doubled through.

The other hand i was all in with, i held a double suited high hand and took a gamble against another big stack, and a short. Here it is.

After those two hands it was plain sailing to the final table. I was first/second chip leader the whole way through and just kept feeding off the shorts. I got short on the last two tables after losing a couple of races. Thankfully, when i pushed with trash, i wasn't called, and was able to get a stack back together. Once i had some chips again, i was able to play enough to survive.

When it was 3-way i pussied out of calling both players all in from the big blind with an excellent high hand. See what you think. I could have finished it right there. Cuda-Wuda-Shuda and then there was the final hand.
I hadn't played with JareemWeaver until the final table. It was soon pretty obvious that he was strongest player at the table and with him on my direct left, that made things a bit harder for me. All in all, maybe he deserved first and i deserved second, so i guess i shouldn't be too disappointed. However, I don't think you can ever feel satisfied after playing a tournament that you don't win.

Also, make note, I play to win, not to cash (just can't seem to do it!!):

This hand is from the final table. Note the super short stack.

Small Blind 8000: Nezera (143266 in chips)
Big Blind 16000: chowmein (104972 in chips)
UTG: jitterbug777 (89712 in chips)
EP: LepRecon777 (73101 in chips)
MP: JareemWeaver (156510 in chips)
LP: gunner shere (196930 in chips)
Super Shorty: XXTickerXX (6509 in chips)

Dealt to LepRecon777:

RAISE jitterbug777, 16000 to 32000
RAISE LepRecon777 , 41101 to 73101 and is all-in

Fold everyone... back to jitterbug777,

FOLD jitterbug777
LepRecon777 collected 88000 from pot

I built a huge stack after that hand!

Current Balance: $2,239


F-Badger said...

Good Luck with your challenge. I will add your link when i update as iu find your blog good reading.

Looking on the brightside i would have probably lost a grand playing omaha with that nuts flush v the straight flush.

One last thought have you thought about moving from stars.... in my opinion the games are much much harder so it will take you longer to build up your roll than say crypto or VC etc.


BurnleyMik said...

Hey Lep! Didn't know your blog was the 20K mission! Good game last night, thanks for playing. Hope to see you next week!

Will add you to my reading list, if you dont mind, too.



james lee said...

nice post.I will put a link on my blog if u could link mine?

20kmission said...

nice one lads,
i've added your links