Friday, March 2, 2007

Calling Station?!?

Grinding it out on the 2c/5c tables has been a lot of fun up to this point. Intermittently, i find myself playing some absolutely terrible poker, ie. betting into made hands, not being able to fold when it obvious he can only raise if i'm beat, etc. A trend i'm noticing in my play is i sometimes assume people play like me and i've been making calls and plays based on this, which is costing me money.

Here's an example of a hand i would like to think i can get away from. I was playing the 2c/5c NL holdem tables. I held AQo on the button and a player in mid-position raised 4x (=20c), mid-position2 called and the cut-off called. I reraised to 70c. If the first raiser comes over the top, i'm obviously folding, but he called and so did the other two players. The flop came A93 rainbow. The pot was now $2.80. First player checked, second player shipped for $3 and the cut-off folded. I called, and the initial raiser folded.
So, what hands am i beating?? I could beat AJ or AT. Is someone really going to hold on to a suited rag ace that long(e.g. A4s), and then ship on that board, after all that action?? I must have thought so if i called. What hands could he have shipped with there that would have meant he wasn't a complete lunatic?? There were no draws he could have had. So it had got to be AK, A9 A3, 33, 99 .. didn't think he had AA. So i was calling with 2:1 odds to see AJ or AT. 2 hands out of 5 that i could beat. Not a great call i don't think, and possibly it should have been an easy lay down. Anyway he showed A9s which held up, and rightly so.

Another example: I was a bit disappointed to find myself unable to get away from QQ when it was obvious i was most likely beat. A situation occurred at the start of a $3 s'n'g. The play went: first player raised, he was reraised and a third player pushed all in for $700. I was looking at QQ with $1500 in the big blind. My thinking was... "guy for $700 is tilting from last pot he lost and probably has Ax, and the first reraiser has AK, or else it's just the insanity that happens during the first level." But instead the simple answer was the right one: 'big pairs are out there'. I was against AA and KK and went broke.... live and learn i guess.

So how do i keep winning if i'm playing badly?? I guess it must be i don't play as bad as everyone else. The tables are actually quite passive so there is a lot of free money out there, i get my share. So it's either short term luck eg. K8 vs Q8 on a T88 board, or i'm not playing as badly as my peers.

I'm not going to dwell any longer. Its easy get over after looking at some Bill Fillmaff. This guy is a fucking legend, lol. Check this out.

How to give a bad beat, Bill Fillmaff style:

Don't call it a suck out, i have puppy feet!
...i'm gonna bust you out, Fillmaff's gonna bust you out...


How to take a bad beat, Bill Fillmaff style,

Sound the bad beat alarm!!! Haahaaaahahaahahahaaa... fucking hilarious.

Current Balance: $191.45


sag said...

sounds like you are well on your way nevertheless, even though you bad beat sometimes...
I think I will add your challenge to my linklist, sounds interesting. feel free to do the same if you want to ;)

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