Monday, March 12, 2007

Championship Omaha

I have just finished reading Championship Omaha by T.J. Cloutier and Tom McEvoy. This an excellent book, right up there with Harrington on Hold'em Vol.1&2. It has given my Omaha game the boost it needed. The book is divided into sections covering limit Omaha, pot-limit Omaha and limit Omaha high/low split. Some general principles for playing good Omaha and some practice scenarios. There is also a section with some amusing (not really that amusing) anecdotes from T.J. back in the day.
It seems a very basic but solid approach to the game, with a strong emphasis on hand selection and observing other players raising habits. I was a bit disappointed with the Omaha High/Low section, it had a descent coverage of the game but no reference to pot-limit play. In general though i really liked this one, i can see myself reading it over a couple of times for sure. I also intend to attack it with a highlighter soon!!

It has been a diet of Pot-Limit Omaha high on the 5c/10c tables over the past couple of days. My first session has been the biggest so far. I was playing with some guy (completely wasted drunk) who kept reloading at the beckoning call of another player, who he incorrectly thought was the same hot girl on his icon. I was the main beneficiary of his efforts to hook up with this girl(actually a guy!!). He'd be like, "Ah shit"(broke again), to which mr hot icon would reply,
"One more buy back",
"Nah, i should go to bed... ok, but you better ring me.", etc. and repeat.
I left that table with about $55.

Current Balance: $424.98


black666 said...

Nice mission you have there! I've almost the same one going ... only that I'm aiming for a 10K bankroll with SNGs and MTTs.
Good luck to you!

20kmission said...

good luck to you too..hopefully we'll get to play together some time.