Friday, March 9, 2007

A Nice Break

I just played my first MTT of the mission and came second. It was a $4 180 player tourney worth $144. When it was down to 4 tables i was in a comfortable chip position and in the top 3. Somehow, completely randomly, i managed to donk off two thirds of my chips with A6o. Don't ask me how, it was just completely stupid, but i still managed a descent stack for the final table thanks to players calling all ins with A9s etc.

Heads up, the final hand i had QJ and called a big check raise on a board of J32 rainbow. The player i was against was very loose (calling for all his chips, 20 big blinds, with A6o after a raise and a reraise all in!) so i was hoping to trap, but i ended up trapping myself. Don't know why i didn't just ship. The turn came an 8 and he bet 45,000 into about 60/70,000 and then i pushed for 100k. He called with 83o to win with 2 pair.

Apart from that i've been playing some Pot Limit Omaha high. I'm losing at it at the moment but i'm still finding my feet with the game. Hopefully soon ill start taking down some big numbers!

Current Balance: $345.13


Dremeber said...

Hi 20K,

I have removed your banner from the bloglisting because it was way out of proportion.


20kmission said...

no prob, ill get another one sorted.

the_main said...

$4/180s are a great way to build a bankroll. I used them almost exclusivley to build up to $1k before hitting the cash games.