Wednesday, March 7, 2007

1% Complete

I have just climbed above $200 and i am now playing the 5c/10c tables. $200 is 1% of $20,000 so technically i am 1% complete. However, i have also completed 2 of 9 levels i described in the Bankroll Management post for the mission, so if i look at it that way i am 22% complete!!!

In my haste to break the $200 barrier i was completely humbled by the 2c/5c tables. I dropped an enormity of change on the pot limit omaha high and omaha high/low tables. My high point was $208 and my low was $155. I got spanked! I keep learning the same lesson over and over, patience-discipline-patience-discipline..... okay okay, i get it. I managed to climb my way back up by playing a couple of $5 four player heads-up tournaments. I played 4 and won 3, which isn't bad going. Its $20 for first which is a $15 profit!!

To help improve my omaha game i've gotten a hold of Championship Omaha by TJ Cloutier and Tom McEvoy. So far it has been an excellent read, more on that later.

Current Balance: $215.32

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sag said...

congrats on your achievements so far. you seem to be well on the way to complete your mission.