Friday, February 2, 2007

Shaky start

Well, I've haven't had a smooth start. I've had a busy month with other commitments meaning not having as much time as i would like to spend playing, and the action at the 1c/2c tables hasn't been treating me as well as i hoped. I expected to run into little difficulty at this level, but I've had my fair share of outdraws and, combined with some bad play, the bankroll has taken some hits. My low point so far has been $41.48.

I envisaged my second post reporting a swift breeze past the 1c/2c levels and details of my first attempts at the 2c/5c level. No such joy!

I'm more accustomed to tournament play and sit & go's, I think this is showing a bit in my play.
I've been seeking to play the loose passive tables and have maintained a loose aggressive approach, with little success so far. At these tables I have spent most of the time pushing the action and it has been reasonably easy to take down a lot of small pots, and when the action gets heavy its often obvious where you stand. However, maintaining patience and loose aggression is a tough balance so I'm going to try the loose aggressive tables and try a tight aggressive approach and see how well this works.

This could be tough as I'm naturally loose aggressive.

Current Balance: $44.81

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