Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hi/Lo to the rescue

Last Tuesday, I began a session of some of the worst poker ive played since i started the mission. In all, i dropped over two buy-ins on the hold'em tables and the bankroll fell to about $116. It consisted of me making some very loose calls/bets and managing to put a full $5 behind 34s on a board of A789T. Scare cards kept hitting and i just kept betting .. should have know the guy wasn't folding his ace. He smooth called each street till i was left with my pants down. So i took a break for 2 days to get my head away from lunatic suicide poker. Sessions like that are just too costly.

Back to the cash tables today and i played a 3 hour session 2 tabling on 2c/5c Omaha H/L. I managed to leave almost $40 in the black! Which means i increased my bankroll by about 33% in 1 session!!! Hella juice!! I had one or two lucky situations to be fair. After 1 big pot i won the guy was postulating that the server is programmed to put big hands against each other to generate rake. That theory is too crazy for me, but it was an ultimate cooler hand. I held KhKcAd5d on a board of KT4 with 2 diamonds. With top set and the nut flush draw i was expecting no action but instead i got check raised and ended up all in. The other player held TTQx suited in diamonds, middle set and a flush draw. Whilst he was drawing virtually dead i could help but feel sorry for him. Situation reversed i know i'm going broke there. My sympathy quickly departed when the $20+ pot was pushed toward me.. ahhhhh. I love this crazy game.

Current balance: $152.97

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