Friday, February 9, 2007

First winning session

The cash tables are proving to be quite a roller coaster ride for me. I find i can play well for about the first hour or so and make some steady progress, but then by playing too long, fatigue sets in and i tilt when i lose. At a low point in oscillating about $50 i was in need of a break from the cash tables and found a $3 sit and go. I got heads up with the maniac of the table and was lucky enough to pick up some hands to trap him with. $15 is quite handy at this stage.

Then on to the cash tables. I picked out 2 loose aggressive tables to play. It quickly became obvious that there was a complete maniac at one table. The guy would bet-bet-raise every pot, and his preflop raises were between 20c and 30c. Dying to get involved i found 99 and reraised his super-raise to isolate. On a 9 high flop i managed to get him to bluff off his chips to double me up by the river. It was so sweet.

He went broke and i followed him to another table. An interesting hand then occured. With a $3 stack i limped with AhTh in early position and about 6 people saw a flop of KJ3 with 2hearts. ~16c in the pot and first to act bets 14c, i call to see the action, next player min raises, next player goes all in, original bettor is all in, leaving a $8 pot that could get bigger!! I decided to gamble my flush and inside straight draw and called. Turn blank, and river T. So i have a pair of tens on a KJT35 board. Would you not be surprised to see everyone muck and the $9+ pot get push toward you?!? It was crazy!! All i can think is the 2 players all in had QT.

Meanwhile my crazy friend had managed to get himself a stack of $7+. The low limit tables can be surprisingly passive. I picked up AJo in second position. A guy limps utg and i limp hoping loonie balls will make another uber-raise from the small blind. Right on cue the stakes are pushed from 2c to 22c, and utg calls (slightly worrying). I don't want him in the pot, plus i think i have the best hand, so i reraise to $1.30 to isolate myself with the loose cannon. He calls of course, and utg folds. The flop comes 554 rainbow. It seems a good flop for me. He bets 50c into ~<$3. I call and the turn is a 5. He bets $2. I have $4+ left so i ship and he thinks for ages and calls ... river Q. At this point if he just spiked a Q i think i would crack up. However, he shows KJo and i take the $12 pot with AJ high.

A lot more work to do.

Current Balance: $69.72

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