Friday, February 16, 2007

Bankroll Management

For the mission, bankroll management is playing a primary role in achieving my goal.
I have divided the 20k mission into ten levels. Each level represents a blind structure on the cash tables. First and foremost i am playing using the 10% rule. Never at any one time will i risk more than 10% of my bankroll. With that in mind there is a minimum balance i must have in my account to play any level. Typically i will play two tables at a time and usually buy in for about 100 big blinds.

So with 200 big blinds in play i need that to represent less than 10% of my bankroll. To play any level i will need more than 2000 big blinds, or 20 buy ins minimum.

I will be playing the levels according to the table below. The levels are as follows:
Minimum Bankroll

The chart above covers playing 2 cash tables at a time with the minimum bankroll. If i want to play 4 tables at a time i have to drop a level.
eg. if bankroll = $500, i can play 2x $25 buyins @ $0.10/$0.25 or 4x $10 buyins @ $0.05/$0.10

If i manage to level up every 5 weeks the mission will be complete by the end of the year. That could be a bit over ambitious but we'll see how it goes.

Current Balance: $99.09


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