Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ante up

I've just broken the $100 mark and levelled up to $0.02/$0.05, so far the tables have been pretty good to me. Its definitely a step up from the super passive 1c/2c as players are more aggressive and play back a bit more.

I've entered & won a $3 sit n go and with the $15 from that i started playing. The first table i left even. On the second table there was a particularly aggressive player on my left. Its a better idea to play with position on such an aggressive opponent but nonetheless i played on. I bought into the table for $5 and managed to double up to $10. The aggressor to my left had $10 also when i picked up KK in the small blind with 2 limpers in the pot, one under the gun (utg) and another in late position.
Now, i'd seen him raise from the bb before when the table has shown weakness, so i limped. He raised to 30c ... which was exactly what i needed, and the utg limper called after a think (late position folded). I reraised to $1.40 and he called. I had played back at him before like this once from the sb and before from a limp utg, so with that he must have been getting pretty sick. He called (utg folded) and i led out with about $1.70 on a T43 board he called. To give him a chance to bluff, i checked a 5 on the turn and he pushed. I called instantly, the river came a 5 and KK was good enough for a $20 pot. Didn't get to find out if he had the T but i wouldn't be surprised if he had nothing.

I think that has been my favourite hand so far.

Current Balance: $127.63


Dremeber said...

Hi 20kmission,

Nice mission you have there. My mission is to stay alive with the banroll on the 2 Pokerrooms where I play.

I would advice to also try and play on other pokerrooms. This will give you a steaper learning curve. Somethimes it takes a while to get used to the playstyle of a room but once you get it, it is really nice.

On my blog there is a 50$ no deposit bomus offer for Titan. Really worth a try.

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Cheers and see you at the tables,

Dremeber said...

Forgot to mention that if you are interested in exchanging links, let me know.


KajaPoker said...

20k - you should read this blog:

This guy has built a 6-7K bankroll just from playing freerolls, bonus whoring, etc. Never made a single deposit. Quite inspiring. Good luck.