Wednesday, January 17, 2007

$50 deposit

-Mission to reach $20,000 from the minimum $50 deposit on

Just made a $50 deposit on, I will be mainly playing the cash tables using the 10% rule..never wagering more than 10% of my bankroll at any 1 time. A 10kmission blog has been done before on pacific, but i reckon 20k on pokerstars is a lot harder, due to the a higher level of play found at this site. Nevertheless it will be done!
I have previously cashed $1000 from pacific poker starting from winning about $4 from a freeroll. So, following some disgracefully indisciplined play on pokerstars and going broke numerous times (=-$350), ive started the 20k mission to regain focus at the tables.

I will be posting my details of my progress once or twice every fortnight, depending on how eventful things have been. I will be playing cash games mainly, buying in for 100 big blinds, and some sit and gos. My main games are NL-Hold em, full table and shorthanded, and Pot Limit Omaha H/L. I also intend to experiment with some other games as I go along, so ill keep you posted as to how it goes.
Whether or not ill post my player id.. i dont know yet.

I intend to graph my progress on so people can view how the mission actually pans out, and what games exactly im playing, which ones pay, etc.
Anyone can view my game by game progress on this site. If you have an account simply add me to your friends list, my username is: 20kmission.

My goal is to build the minimum bankroll needed to play on the high stakes tables, which is $20,000 to play $5/$10. To achieve this, it is going to involve slowly working my way from the 1c/2c tables all the way up to $3/$6.

So anyway coming in for a max buy-in of $5 on the 1c/2c NL-Holdem tables i was promptly down to about $3 and back up to $7.12 with AQo when the server closed for maintenance. Figuring thats as good a start as i need im off to college for the day and ill kill the tables later on.

- I can already smell that 20k.

Current Balance: $52.12


Tom said...

youre some crazy fool!!!

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